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Workplace Giving

You can give to all of EarthShare Ohio's charities through one simple payroll contribution!

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Offering EarthShare Ohio at your workplace is easy! EarthShare Ohio understands the importance of making it possible for workplaces of all sizes to offer a dynamic workplace giving campaign that provides their employees with a variety of charity choices. That's why we make it our business to ensure that EarthShare Ohio can be added swiftly and simply to a campaign's giving options. We are experts at working with companies to minimize costs and customize campaigns to meet a corporation's needs.

When you're ready to offer your employees EarthShare Ohio as a giving option, please contact us at info@earthshareohio.org or at 877-434-2357.

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  • Benefits

    Employees want it. More than ever before, the public is becoming aware of the urgent environmental challenges we face as a society. Employers and employees are concerned about environmental causes and issues that affect them and their families, our well-being and livlihood, and future generations.

    Introducing an environmental choice to a workplace giving campaign typically encourages employees who did not participate in the past to get involved. What makes EarthShare Ohio appealing is its "one-gift" option: donors don't have to choose between supporting public health, clean air and water, land and wildlife preservation, and other issues. By making just one gift to EarthShare Ohio, their support will be distributed among all the causes EarthShare Ohio represents. On the other hand, if they have a preference donors can choose to direct their gift to one or more charities under the federation umbrella.

    Empowering employees with expanded giving options has also proven to be a morale booster!

    It's good for business.

    Did you know that nearly 80% of Americans favor companies with a pro-environment image, and almost 75% said they're more likely to support companies and products associated with an environmental group? [Source: The Power of Two: Conservation and Corporate Environmental Responsibility, Roper Starch Worldwide/The Nature Conservancy]

    A company can position itself as a leader on the environmental front by including EarthShare Ohio in its charitable campaign. Employees, managers, and shareholders alike consider the environment vitally important.

    It's good for the world.

    EarthShare Ohio is a preserver, a protector, and an educator. EarthShare Ohio organizations are combating global warming and protecting ancient forests. They're guarding ground water from toxic contaminants and saving endangered species. They're promoting scores of recycling projects. They're cleaning up miles and miles of coastline and they're providing school children with educational programs and activities that instill environmental awareness.

    Becoming an EarthShare Ohio partner sends a definite message - your workplace and its people care.


    Health, environment, diversity, international development and relief, and social justice issues affect companies, communities, and families. But did you know that these concerns are not fully addressed through the traditional United Way-only campaign?

    Because most employee groups include a diversity of race, culture, gender, age, interests and beliefs, employees should be able to choose from a variety of charities that reflect their own interests. Recognizing this need, the national EarthShare federation and a number of federations covering a broad range of issues - have joined together to create Charities@Work, a unified, combined campaign program.

    Working with Charities@Work means a workplace with operations in multiple states can expand its giving campaign to include important federations whose member organizations address local, national, and international issues through a single source rather than multiple contacts. C@W helps its partners retain the efficiencies of a single option workplace campaign.

    Call us at 877-434-2357 to learn more about how we can help set up an EarthShare Ohio/Charities@Work campaign at your company. You can also send an email to info@earthshareohio.org to request more information.


    With EarthShare Ohio, employees can donate conveniently through a payroll contribution program that we can help you to set up. EarthShare Ohio will also give you the resources and guidance to help encourage the most campaign participation possible!

    Surveys show that employee giving rises dramatically when more choices are presented in an existing campaign. With EarthShare Ohio, employees have the unique opportunity to give their tax-deductible gift to ALL of EarthShare Ohio's member charities with one simple donation -OR- they may direct their gift to one or more charities of their choice.

    Employees are always pleased to know that EarthShare Ohio is a trusted giving source accredited by the Columbus Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance.

    Trust and interest = increased participation, which means more money being raised overall for charity - the ultimate goal of any workplace giving campaign!


    EarthShare Ohio has a team of volunteers and staff available to make presentations, provide posters, brochures and videos, and offer lots of new and vital energy to a campaign. EarthShare Ohio and its member groups can be easily added to your present campaign materials, or we can provide our own brochures and pledge cards for distribution to each employee.

    In addition, EarthShare, as a partnership of affiliated federations, represents a wide variety of state and local environmental charities in campaigns in their states, as well as all of EarthShare's national and international groups. Employers in these states can offer their employees a list of environmental charities that include community groups and the full EarthShare national and international roster: CA, GA, IL, MI, MO, New England region, NJ, NY, NC, OR, TX, WA - and Ohio.