Workplace Giving

You can give to all of EarthShare Ohio's charities through one simple payroll contribution!

  • Employers: learn how easy we can make it
  • Employees: start a campaign at your work
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Make a Gift to Support EarthShare’s Many Charities

We work with the world's most respected environmental and conservation organizations, and offer a simple way to care for our health, water, air, land and wildlife. Your gift supports a broad range of work, ensuring your dollar has the most impact. You can give online, become a workplace champion and give through payroll contribution or bequeath a gift to us in your will or retirement plan.

Live Earth-friendly

Whether it’s recycling your car or your cellphone, making sustainable changes in your life, learning about greening your workplace, or volunteering to help the earth, EarthShare provides many resources to help you make a difference. And you can always email us if you can't find what you're looking for on our site.

Shop in our Green Marketplace

EarthShare partners with companies dedicated to responsible business practices. Take a moment to peruse our Green Marketplace and know you’re making an impact (and benefiting EarthShare) by doing business with them.

Spread the Word

Whether you invite friends to play our monthly enviro-quiz, or join our online community, sharing important news about the work our charities are doing magnifies your impact. Follow our news in a way that works best for you: via social media, through our email list or by subscribing to our rss news feed.