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Workplace Giving

You can give to all of EarthShare Ohio's charities through one simple payroll contribution!

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Just $1 per pay period will help to:

  • provide 520 people with educational brochures describing how they can play a role in protecting urban green space, restoring residential recycling and implementing new clean energy standards in their communities.
  • conserve 1 acre of threatened ecosystem.
  • help remove obsolete dams that block the flow of rivers.
  • provide 4 bales of hay as alternative food for livestock to keep them away from wolf dens, saving wolves from execution by farmers and ranchers.
  • support a compensation fund which reimburses ranchers for livestock losses, building tolerance for wolves and local support for wolf recovery.

Just $2 per pay period will help to:

  • buy one acre of unprotected tropical rainforest which assures the protection of the natural areas vital to our global climate and diverse species
  • furnish one hour of expert training in land protection for a citizen's group or land trust interested in natural areas preservation in their communities.
  • enable a community leader to participate in the planning of a nationwide collaborative campaign that boosts their local visibility and effectiveness.
  • buy a tracking collar to help ranchers know when wolves are near livestock to keep them apart, and keep both wolves and livestock alive.

Just $3 per pay period will help to:

  • support citizens groups working with key officials to convert abandoned railroad corridors, giving local communities an opportunity to create a "rail-trail" for walking, bicycling, and nature appreciation on land that might otherwise be lost
  • provide four low-income community-based groups with subscriptions to a publication that educates community activists on threats to public health posed by environmental problems and provides organizing tools they can use to protect their communities

Just $4 per pay period will help to:

  • purchase 1,000 tree seedlings and planting equipment for a community in the important buffer zone around Costa Rica
  • organize a 3-hour litter walk on a river's edge by 20 concerned citizens
  • put a college volunteer to work for a day saving wolves and other wildlife in Alaska's Denali National Park and set that volunteer on the path to a conservation profession
  • cover the cost of a Range Rider, or modern day cowboy, to keep herds safe from wolves and prevent interaction that often results in harm to livestock or the wolves.

Just $5 per pay period will help to:

  • furnish all classes of a high school with charts and guides about alternatives to commonly used hazardous household products
  • support a Wildlife Rescue Team responsible for responding rapidly and effectively to immediate needs, urgent situations, and unexpected environmental disasters

Just $6 per pay period will help to:

  • prevent 75,000,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, the major contributor to global warming, from entering the Earth's atmosphere
  • cover the cost of an experienced community organizer to help grassroots groups reduce, eliminate, clean up or prevent chemical contamination that threatens their communities' health

Just $10 per pay period will help to:

  • provide a full day of environmental education, either in the classroom or in the field, for an entire grade level, elementary through high school

Just $15 per pay period will help to:

  • buy an expert forest scientist’s time to survey a national forest for the effects of timber harvest on the ecology of the area
  • fund the printing and the distribution of twenty forest ecology curricula in English or Spanish

Just $20 per pay period will help to:

  • buy an expert toxicologist's time to respond to a community group's need for detailed technical review of air or water quality test results, helping them interpret the data's implications for the risks to their health
  • fund the printing and the distribution of twenty forest ecology curricula in English or Spanish

Just $25 per pay period will help to:

  • help create an electronic copy of a research report and make it available to environmental professionals and citizens around the world
  • provide technical assistance to nine communities on billboards, scenic byways, visual blight, cell towers, good visual environmental practices and other scenic conservation issues
  • add more guard dogs to ranches and farmlands, protecting livestock and preventing harmful interaction with wolves

Just $50 per pay period will help to:

  • sponsor two classes of 15 students from underprivileged areas for a day at the zoo to see spectacular wildlife firsthand, and to gain an insight into the importance of protecting wildlife and their habitats

Just $60 per pay period will help to:

  • provide a radio-activated guard (RAG) box to ranchers which protects livestock by frightening wolves with sirens and lights, also protecting the wolves from this harmful interaction